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About Aquabotica
The Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program was originally created by Tufts University and the more recently created Hawaii S.T.O.M.P. chapter is an effort started by Dr. Monique Chyba (University of Hawaii Department of Mathematics) in order to give children a direct hands-on learning opportunity and a chance to delve into the world of underwater autonomous robotics. This outreach program focuses on developing children's creativity in problem solving as well as providing an engineering and programming background. The program makes use of Lego's educational Mindstorm kits with its corresponding ROBOLAB software, creating a flexible means of building robots in a relatively quick and free manner. Aquabotica, our chapter here in Hawaii, focuses exclusively on underwater robotics. Two different programs have been developed so far; one for children in first and second grade and the other for children in third, fourth and fifth grade.

Navigating This Site
On this site we provide an overview of the curriculums we have developed for schools as well as a brief introduction for anyone wishing to build underwater robots using the Lego Mindstorms kits. On this site's gallery you may find examples of submersible robots as well as an introductory movie showing the fruits of Aquabotica. In the Links section of this page we refer you to other related resources you may wish to explore. The blog and calendar sections keep track of our events.

Don't Forget to Check out our RoboNemo Program!
RoboNemo is a similar program that is made for a younger age range. It is still through the University Of Hawaii math and engineering schools but it is broken down for a more basic kindergarden level.