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Department of Mathematics

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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Talent Development Hawai’i, a summer program for gifted students, will be offered this coming summer. Talented students will be challenged to learn and excel beyond the school curriculum. The program is aimed at students from Hawaii from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds, attending public or private schools or being home schooled. We are looking for bright and academically motivated students, not only geniuses, but promising students who strive to do their best and have the potential to be Hawaii’s next generation of leaders. Participation requires some preparation, so consider early whether this program is for you and plan ahead. We will keep the site for the program,, up-to-date.


Dates and Times: The program runs for five weeks, from June 19th until July 21st, 2005. Classes meet every day from 8:30 until 12:00, excluding holidays.


Location: Classes are held on the Manoa campus of the University of Hawai’i.


Cost: There is a $10.00 non-refundable application fee. The cost for the program is $500.00. Some scholarships are available. Documentation of financial need is required.


Acceptance: Acceptance to the program is selective. As part of the application, we are asking for a copy of the student’s SAT score. We will also accept results from similar national aptitude tests, such as the PSAT or SSAT. (If the student has not taken any of these tests recently, we suggest the January 28th SAT test. The deadline to register for the test is December 22nd. You can find details about the SAT, registration, and deadlines at


Organization: There will be two age groups of students. Students who finished 10th or 11th grade are in Group I, and those who just finished 8th or 9th grade are in Group II. Exceptions are possible. Students take three classes, each meeting for one hour daily.


Courses: We will offer a variety of courses, some revisions of courses from last year, some substantially modified classes, and some new ones. This list is preliminary, and there may be additions and deletions.

  1. Computer graphics and web design (Group I & II)
  2. Submersibles and their control (Group I)
  3. Explorations in Mathematics (Group I and II)
  4. Reading French (Group II)
  5. Science in space (chemistry, geology, biology) (Group I)

We are working on a physics course and might offer a second foreign language, depending on the enrollment. For qualified students there will be one section of Math 241 (Calculus I) that can be combined with Talent Development Hawaii. This is a regular for credit college course, and students need to apply first to Outreach College to be accepted as a summer scholar. Your high school counselor should know how to do this. Contact the Department of Mathematics to check on the prerequisites for the course.


Timeline for the Application Process:


December 22nd: Register for SAT (only if you do not have a score on a national aptitude test). Those students of age 13 and under need to register by mail, and the registration form has to arrive by this date.


January 28th: Take the SAT.


March 1st: Mail your completed application form to Talent Development Hawaii, c/o Department of Mathematics, 2565 McCarthy Mall, Keller 401A, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, 96822.


Early April: You will be notified whether you have been accepted to the program, and you will receive a list of available courses.


April 30th: Your acceptance letter with your desired schedule and 50% payment of the tuition is due.


May 15th: You receive your schedule.


May 20th: Payment of the second 50% tuition is due.


June 19th: The program starts.


Make checks payable to Talent Development Hawai’i.







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