Talent Development Hawai’i 2005

The Application Process


To apply to participate in Talent Development Hawai’i:


1.     Obtain an application form from your school, or print it off the net: http://www.math.hawaii.edu/talent

2.     If you have not taken a national aptitude test, register to take the SAT on January 22nd (http://www.collegeboard.com). The registration deadline is December 20th. Submit your score to Talent Development Hawai’i as soon as you receive it.

3.     We will base most decisions on the applicants score on a national aptitude test, such as the SAT. In exceptional cases we are willing to consider a teacher’s recommendation. You can find a form on the program's web site.

4.     March 1st: (We are still accepting applications, even if late.) Mail your completed application form together with a non-refundable $10.00 application fee to Talent Development Hawaii.

5.     Early April: You will be notified whether you have been accepted to the program, and you will receive a list with the available courses.

6.     April 20th: Your acceptance letter with your desired schedule and 50% payment of the tuition is due.

7.     May 15th: You receive your schedule.

8.     May 20th: Payment of the second 50% tuition is due.

9.     June 20th: The program starts.