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Manes joins National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has selected UH Math Professor Michelle Manes as a Program Director in the Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS). She will work with a team to make funding recommendations in the areas of Algebra and Number Theory, and she will serve on several other special programs at NSF.

From the NSF website: “DMS supports research in mathematics and statistics, training through research involvement of the next generation of mathematical scientists, conferences and workshops, and a portfolio of national mathematical sciences research institutes.”

Manes’s appointment began in September, 2018 and may be renewed for a second year. During her appointment, she will be living in Washington, DC.



Mathematics and Motherhood

Two members of the Mathematics Department — new assistant professor Elizabeth Gross and postdoc Piper Harron — have papers in the current issue of the  Journal of Humanistic Mathematics (, a Special Issue on Mathematics and Motherhood .

Dr. Gross wrote “PB&J,”  which explores pregnancy in graduate school, parenting on the tenure-track, division of household labor, and sandwiches.

In “On Contradiction,” Dr. Harron exposes the challenges faced by marginalized parents and the problems inherent in separating our lives into “mathematics” and “everything else” (including the problems inherent in separate journals, special issues like this one, and dedicated panels for the “life” parts).

Strong parallels between the very different pieces emerge, including the incredible time demands of parenthood, the importance of supportive colleagues, and hilarious stories from the trenches (including the photographic reenactment shown from Harron’s piece).

Read Dr. Gross’s essay here:

Read Dr. Harron’s essay here:


Blogs for Mathematicians

Dr. Piper Harron is now blogging for the American Mathematical Society. The AMS has several blogs of interest to mathematicians, including graduate students (AMS Grad Student blog) and early career faculty (PhD + epsilon blog). A full roundup of AMS blogs can be found here:

The newest AMS blog is called inclusion / exclusion; it’s a blog about underrepresented groups in mathematics. The first blog post by Adriana Salerno introduces the blog and the editing team: Dr. Harron’s first post just went up: