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Undergraduate tracks

  • General: Math 100.
  • Elementary Education: Math 111-112
  • Business, Economics, Social Sciences track: Math 203
  • Life Sciences Track: Math 215-216
  • STEM Track: Math 241-244
  • Honors/Accelerated Track: Math 251A-253A
G m111 Math 111 (No prerequisite) m112 Math 112 (FQ) m111->m112 m100 Math 100 (FQ) (No prerequisite) m135 Math 135 (No prerequisite) m140 Math 140 (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/- m135->m140 CR m203 Math 203 (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/- m135->m203 CR m161 Math 161 (FQ) (No prerequisite) m161->m140 m161->m203 m215 Math 215 (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/10 m140->m215 m241 Math 241 (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/12 m140->m241 m251A Math 251A (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/14 m140->m251A A m216 Math 216 m215->m216 m242 Math 242 m215->m242 B m241->m242 m252A Math 252A m241->m252A A m243 Math 243 m242->m243 m244 Math 244 m243->m244 m251A->m242 m251A->m252A m252A->m243 m253A Math 253A m252A->m253A
Other formats (where FQ=FS): PDF Tracks diagram (PDF) Tracks diagram (JPG).

For course titles and detailed course descriptions click on a box below, or see the Syllabi page.

  • Arrows indicate prerequisites. Prerequisites must be satisfied with a grade of C or as indicated.
  • Students may place into Math 140, 203, 215, 241, 251A by taking the Assessment Exam, see: placement or based on a sufficiently high Calculus AP or Math SAT or ACT score. For details see
  • An interview with the associate chair is required to enter the honors sequence.

Summer research

Summer 2020 jobs as undergraduate researcher are available under the project “Automatic complexity of Fibonacci arrays” sponsored by Decision Research Corporation (

(Search for job # 253797)

Please let Prof. Kjos-Hanssen know if you are applying or if you have thoughts or questions about it. You do not have to be present on Oahu for these positions. The deadline to apply is May 8.


Placement Exams Coming Up

Update Regarding On-campus Math Placement Exams: March 18, 2020 around 12:05 pm HST

We will not be holding any on-campus exams until further notice. Hence, the "Reservations" link is now missing from our website. We will notify students who have already signed up for the on-campus Exams of such, and of what their options will be. The notifications will not be emailed until tomorrow, however, as we are still discussing the alternative options (besides ProctorU) and of what to do to help students. Please keep checking the Placement Exam webpage ( for updates. *************************************************************************