Logic and lattice theory

Logic and Universal Algebra, especially Lattice Theory, have been active areas of research in the Mathematics Department since William Hanf joined the department over 30 years ago. The group now comprises approximately 20% of the department. In addition to the core faculty, we are fortunate to have many regular visitors to the department in the area (see below).

Visitors and Friends

Colleagues who have visited us in recent years include: Kirby Baker, Paul Cohen, Brian Davey, Thomas Jech, Jaraslov Jezek, Keith Kearnes, Ralph McKenzie, George McNulty, Mauro di Nasso, Mary Ellen Rudin, Lutz Struengmann, Agnes Szendrei, Walter Taylor, Matt Valeriote, Ross Willard.
Course Details: The department offers one 2-course undergraduate sequence in logic, which fulfills the department’s "sustained two-course sequence" requirement for a BA or BS. Undergraduates interested in Logic and Universal Algebra are encouraged to take Math 412 and Math 331 and/or Math 321. Members of the group regularly offer topics courses (Math 649) and directed readings to interested students.