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Name Title Interests
Freese, Ralph Professor
Lattice theory, general algebra
Wilson, Leslie C. Professor
Associate Chair
singularity theory, differential topology, real algebraic geometry, mathematical biology
Dovermann, Karl Heinz Professor Algebraic topology
Smith, Wayne Professor Analysis, complex function theory
Ross, David A. Professor Logic, analysis, nonstandard analysis
Helminck, Aloysius Professor
Dean of the College of Natural Sciences
Symmetric spaces
Wilkens, George R. Professor Control theory, differential geometry
Haas, Ruth Professor
Graduate chair
Guerzhoy, Pavel Professor Number theory, modular forms
Guentner, Erik Professor Operator theory, noncommutative geometry
Chyba, Monique Professor Control theory, differential geometry
Kjos-Hanssen, Bjørn Professor Theory of computation
Manes, Michelle Associate Professor Number theory, arithmetic geometry, dynamical systems
Hangelbroek, Thomas Associate Professor Approximation theory
Willett, Rufus Associate Professor Noncommutative geometry
Post, Sarah I. M. Associate Professor Quantum theory, dynamical systems, ergodic theory
Mileyko, Yuriy Assistant Professor Applied Topology
Harron, Robert Assistant Professor Algebraic number theory
Takagi, Daisuke Assistant Professor Fluid mechanics
Hadari, Asaf Assistant Professor Geometric group theory
Gross, Elizabeth Assistant Professor (Fall 2018) Algebraic statistics
Younsi, Malik Assistant Professor Complex analysis
Gawlik, Evan Assistant Professor (Fall 2018) Applied mathematics

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