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Putnam competition

 Putnam Math Competition 

“The world’s toughest math contest”


Saturday December 2, starts at 8am. 

Interested? Please sign up with Prof. Guerzhoy (pavel@math.hawaii.edu) 

Putnam Practice Sessions 

will be held 

Wednesdays 4:00-6:00pm in Keller 402 

starting September 20, 2017 

These practice sessions will be coached by: 

  • • Prof. Pavel Guerzhoy (pavel@math.hawaii.edu) 
  • • Prof. David Yuen (yuen@math.hawaii.edu) 
  • • Yuliia Kravchenko (yuliia@math.hawaii.edu) 
  • • Alex Markovichenko (markov@math.hawaii.edu) 

who all have extensive experience with math contests. 

Come learn problem solving skills! Enjoy hot malasadas! And other refreshments. 

Please join us and make this year’s Putnam competition a successful one.