Math 407 – Numerical Analysis

This is the course webpage for Math 407, Numerical Analysis, Spring 2020, MWF 9:30AM-10:20AM in PHYSCI 208, taught by Evan Gawlik.


  • (3/25/20) Please be sure to visit Laulima for important course content, including lecture videos, links to electronic office hours, grades, homework and exam solutions, and other announcements.

  • (3/19/20) In response to the coronavirus outbreak, UH is moving all courses online for the remainder of the semester. An e-mail was sent today (3/19/20) with important information about how Math 407 will be conducted online. Please contact me if you did not receive it.

  • (1/26/20) My office hours have been updated. Please see the office hours page for the new times.