Karl Heinz Dovermann,   Professor

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Research Papers

Online Algebra Refresher - Information

Calculus without Limits (Lecture Notes for Applied Calculus)

Getting started with Derive Videos

Vectors and Plane Geometry (Lecture Notes for the first week in Math 241 or 251A)

Calculus Lecture Notes for Math 161

Common Math 241 Final Exams and Practice Materials

Previous Calculus II Materials (Math 242 and 252A).

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Keller Hall 405
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Summer 2017
Course title Course number Room Hours
Intro to Advanced Mathematics Math 321 Keller 403 MWR 9:00 -- 10:20
Elementary Probability Theory Math 371 Keller 403 MWR 1:30 -- 2:50
Office hours
MWF 10:30 -- 11:20
and by appointment

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Announcement for Math 371 (Summer 2017):