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Math 100, Section 2

Fall 2004

Lecture: Tuesday, Thursday 4:30-5:45, in Bilger 150
Instructor: Ralph Freese
      Office: 306 Physical Science Building
      email:email me
      Office hours: Tues and Thurs 5:45-6:30, and by appointment
Technical help with Eduspace: Call (866) 817-3139 or email the publisher's representative, Vicky_Chiu-Irion.

Math 100 Announcements:

* Update: Grades are finally online. *

You can see them at Get Your Grades

* All homework is due by noon, Dec 16. *

Final Tuesday, Dec 14, 4:30-6:30

  • Bring your UH ID
  • Bring a number 2 pencil

Change in Syllabus:

  • Due to time constrainst we will not cover Section 7.3, Section 11.6 and all of Chapter 12.
  • The due date for all of the homework is now Dec 13.

Eduspace Gradebook Errors:

There is an error in the software that sometimes puts your grades in a column at the end. This happens with 02.02.00-Set01. This also affects the Get Your Grades link. Just scroll to the right to see your missing grade.
  • The book: Mathematical Excursions by Aufmann, et al.
  • The book's website: Eduspace. This is where you do your online homework. The homework page has detailed instructions. We will explain how to register at eduspace and use the site during the first day of class. You will need course code, which is


  • Having Trouble Registering for Eduspace? Vicky will be available for help in PSB 208, Friday 8/27 from 2:45-4:00 and 9/2 from 4:00-4:30.
  • Test Dates:
    Homework 25 points
    Grade computed from the assignments
    Exam 1 25 points
    Tuesday, September 21: Chapters 1 and 2
    Exam 2 25 points
    Tuesday, October 19: Chapters 3 and 4
    Exam 3
    25 points
    Tuesday, November 23: Chapters 7 and 9
    Final 30 points
    Tuesday, December 14, 4:30 to 6:30
    Drop the lowest of Homework, Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3

  • Last Day to Withdraw (Drop): Friday Oct. 22.