David Ross's Spring 2015 Math 100 students:

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You can still email me at ross @ math100.info

You can still look up your exam scores HERE.

Here is the detailed description of how the grades were computed.


(Some of these files are password-protected. The password is Math100 [case sensitive])

(Some of the videos are...unpolished.)

Other materials on Set Theory:

VIDEO: Intro to sets (Warning: audio goes out of sync at some point, I might try to fix it later tonight.)

  • VIDEO: Set operations. (Some of the sound got hosed.)
  • Great youtube video by Vi Hart about infinity/Cantor's Theorem.

    A short article by Matt Parker about balls in drawers, infinity and intuition.

  • Other materials on Logic:

    VIDEO on truth tables. Includes working all the TT examples from my lecture notes.

    Smartphone-friendly version (no password, but inferior quality)

  • Excerpt of Kaspar Hauser answering a logic question. (From: the movie Every Man For Himself, and God Against All by Werner Herzog)
  • Logic excerpt from Ionescu's play Rhinoceros.
  • Miscellaneous:

    If I could figure out a way to do it I would like to base an entire Math 100 course on This Book. (Geometry is in Part II.)