MATH 699 - Nonstandard Analysis


Lecture Notes

  1. Outline notes from my 649 class in '08
  2. Intro (with some history) from book with PL
  3. Chapter 1 (extending the reals) with PL
  4. Chapter 2 with PL
  5. Topology (part 1 - this will be updated over the weekend.) Sorry for the delay on this.
  6. Here is an updated version of the topology handout. It has more applications and a few more exercises
  7. Metric Spaces


Nice survey from everything2

"2500 Years Of Very Small Numbers" (Faculty Lecture Series talk, 11/06 )

"Fun with Nonstandard Models" (Slides from my UG colloquium, 2/07)


Extra exercises #1

Readings on measure theory:

My chapter from Edinburgh proceedings

My chapter from Pisa proceedings