Numerical Anlysis

Spring 2018

M,W,F 10:30-11:20am; Keller 313


Dr. Yuriy Mileyko
Office: Keller 307
Phone: (808) 956-4676
Office Hours
M,W,F 11:30am-12:30pm
and by appointment


Our textbook will be Numerical Analysis by Timothy Sauer (2nd edition) pictured on the left. In addition to all the usual online places, this book is available at the UH Manoa bookstore.

Additional Resources

There are quite a few online resources on numerical analysis. For example, you might find useful lecture notes by Peter J. Olver, or lecture notes by Peter Philip. And of course, a simple search for numerical analysis textbooks will yield many more online resources.

General Info

Additional information about the course, including my policy on homework, exams, and grading, is provided in the Syllabus. The dates of all the exams, and a rough schedule indicating which lecture will be given on each class day can be found on the Course Work page. Students are urged to read the appropriate sections of the book before the lecture, so that they will have a general idea of what problems will be addressed and what approaches will be taken so that they can make better use of class time. Note that very often, there will be material in the book that we will not have time to present in class, so it is also important to read the appropriate section of the book after the lecture as well. Note, the schedule of lectures is just an approximation; we may find ourselves ahead of or behind schedule, depending on some unknowns. Your regular attendance in class will ensure that you will be aware of such changes.