Calculus Concepts
Using Derive
for Windows

Ralph S. Freese and David A. Stegenga
Professors of Mathematics, University of Hawaii

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2000 by Prentice-Hall
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

ISBN 0-13-085152-3

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Description: This book is a manual for computer calculus labs. It can be used for a separate lab course or as a lab component of a regular calculus course. It covers a wide range of topics which brings calculus to life. It is designed so that it can be used for courses with different student skill levels.

Table of Contents: This includes a brief description of each chapter.

Free Copy. This is a PDF of the book in its (nearly) final form.

Download Utility Functions: The utility functions that are used throughout the book to simplify various calculation are explained here. Also, you can download either the version 4 or version 5 files.

Class Web Site: This is a link to our class web site. We use the manual as a lab supplement for M241, M242: our first year Calculus courses at the University of Hawaii. This site contains not only our basic class information such as assignments and lab schedule but also summaries of each chapter in the manual, a page describing the utility functions used in the manual and an interactive Java demonstration of the Newton method for finding complex roots to polynomials.

The Software Used By Calculus Concepts is:

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Learn about Derive for Window by the Soft Warehouse by going to their web site.

R&D Publishing

Specializing in calculus computer laboratories and the internet

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