SOA requires VEE in, as of 2018:

  • Economics (required for Introductory-1 status)
  • Accounting and Finance (required for Introductory-1 status)
  • Mathematical Statistics (required for Introductory-2 status)

They no longer require:

  • Applied Statistical Methods
  • Corporate Finance
UH Manoa course Relevant actuarial requirement
MATH 471 Exam P
MATH 472 Exam P
BUS 250* Exam FM
BUS 314* Exam FM
ECON 130 VEE Economics
ECON 131 VEE Economics
ECON 300 VEE Economics
ECON 301 VEE Economics
MATH 472 VEE – Applied Statistical Methods (no longer required by SOA)
ECON 629 VEE – Applied Statistical Methods
VEE – Mathematical Statistics

*These courses cover some Exam FM material. A comprehensive Mathematics Department course geared toward Exam FM, tentatively to be numbered MATH 370, is under development as of 2020.

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