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Group advising


WHEN: Wednesday, November 1, 2023
TIME: 5:00pm – 7:00pm
WHERE: Keller Hall Room 303
RSVP Required: Check your email for the RSVP Form

Learn about MATH courses offered in Spring 2024, as well as career opportunities, possible internships, the MATH Club, and research fields that majoring in MATH has to offer.


From UH Manoa’s Department of Mathematics unless otherwise indicated. Speaker n will yield the floor to Speaker n+1  by the time indicated in Speaker n+1′s line.

See also: BAP program, Program sheets

















Information about the 2022 event

Group advising for Spring 2023 takes place November 2, 2022.
KELLER HALL ROOM 303 from 5 pm

- 6:30 pm

Speakers and events
Time Speaker Title
5:00pm Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen Welcome, and Actuarial science program
5:02pm Mirjana Jovovic Spring 2023 math courses
5:05pm Michael Joyce A Meandering Path Towards a Career in Data Science – One Math Grad’s Journey
5:18pm Yuriy Mileyko Data science track
5:25pm Sean Sanford Pure math and academia
5:38pm Evan Gawlik Computational science track and tutor program
5:45pm Rufus Willett Practical Learning Assistant things
5:50pm Solimar Carrasquillo Ho Student academic success center
6:00pm Break-out Sessions & Pizza

More info about being a Learning Assistant

Organizer: Alicia Maedo


















ARCS Foundation awards

The Robert and Doris Pulley Award in Mathematics from the ARCS Foundation (Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, a national non-profit organization that boosts U.S. competitiveness by raising funds to support promising U.S. citizens in doctoral programs in the sciences, engineering, and medicine) has been awarded to the following students. Advisers in parenthesis.
  • 2021: Samantha Pilgrim (Willett)
  • 2019: David Webb (Kjos-Hanssen)
  • 2017: John C. Robertson (Willett)
  • 2016: Jamal Hassan Haidar (Harron)
  • 2014: Bianca Thompson (Manes)
  • 2013: Aaron Tamura-Sato (Chyba)
  • 2012: Geoffrey Patterson (Chyba)
  • 2011: William DeMeo (Freese)
  • 2010: Lukasz Grabarek (Csordas)
  • 2008: Austin Anderson (Smith)