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The Data Behind The $\delta$ Surge

Predicting the future of Covid is a slippery slope, but forecast modeling can give us an idea of where we might be headed depending on current factors like vaccination rates, restrictions on public gatherings and the amount of incoming travelers. So where can we expect to go from here?

With the surge of cases, Hawaii hospitals are struggling to handle a combination of Covid and non-Covid patients, some operating at up to 125% of its capacity. How are hospitals handling the surge?

Civil Beat reporters Brittany Lyte and Anita Hofschneider, Professor Monique Chyba of Hawaii Pandemic Applied Modeling Working Group (HiPAM) and Hilton Raethel, President and CEO of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii discuss the issue on Thursday September 9.

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Removability in Geometric Function Theory

Assistant Professor Malik Younsi has been awarded an NSF grant for 2021-2024 to work on Removability in Geometric Function Theory.

Previously, Prof. Younsi held another NSF grant for 2017-2020 to work on removable sets and questions in geometric function theory.

That research project involved the study of the geometric properties of conformally removable sets, including problems related to rigidity of circle domains, conformal welding and fingerprints of lemniscates. It also includes questions dealing with shapes of Julia sets and the subadditivity of analytic capacity