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Summer research

Summer 2020 jobs as undergraduate researcher are available under the project “Automatic complexity of Fibonacci arrays” sponsored by Decision Research Corporation (

(Search for job # 253797)

Please let Prof. Kjos-Hanssen know if you are applying or if you have thoughts or questions about it. You do not have to be present on Oahu for these positions. The deadline to apply is May 8.


Topological groups seminar

A new website, has been created by mathematicians at MIT as a place to collect online math seminars happening around the world. It already has a lot on it:  39 talks in the next week alone.

Included is a UH-based topological groups seminar organized by Wayne Lewis (and begun in a joint effort with Adolf Mader).

It runs Tuesdays 6-8 AM via Zoom (the link is accessible there). Last Tuesday we had attendees from Switzerland, South Africa, Italy, and the U.S.