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The Department has a computer lab in Physical Science Building 208, equipped with Matlab, Mathematica, etc., for the benefit of students and faculty. Access is either by numerical code or by permission of the Lab Monitor.

When space is available, other students can use the lab during Math 140 exam times. However, the last Math 140 computer exam is the last day to withdraw. After that, the lab will be closed during these times.

Lab Monitor Schedule PDF

The schedule shows when the various Lab Monitors will be on duty.

Terms of Acceptable Use
Each student must agree to the Terms of Acceptable Use statement for the UH Math Dept Computer Lab. The students agree to obey all of the terms of use and conditions set forth in the UH Information Technology Resources Policy. Their policy is here:

The policy for the math lab will be the same, but adds in particular that

Students agree not to:
1) Download, install software or run any outside programs or software packages.
2) Download or upload work protected by copyright or files not related to class work.
3) Attempt to gain unauthorized access to remote computer systems.

In addition you acknowledge that:
4) There is no expectation of privacy in the Math Lab and your activities may be monitored.

Accounts and passwords

Each lab account can use a portion of the network hard for storing files. You save your files to the H: drive and not the local hard disk or C: drive. In Derive you would typically save your lab by using the Save As ... option on the File tab and then saving you file with the name H:\lab1. To open a file you would use the Open option on the File tab and enter H: <cr> to see a list of your files.

In order to keep others from using your account you need to keep your password secret. For example, don't write it down next to your account number in your notebook where others can see it.

Graphing and Calculus Software


Download wxMaxima (click to view info)
You can download this free software which is available for Window, MacOS, Linux and UNIX computers. This software is installed on the lab PCs and is used in the calculus classes for graphing and symbolic calculus calculations. In addition, the math department has many sample sessions available on their website.

Derive 6

Other Free Graphing Software:

Online Grapher: (click to try)
Try out this online grapher. Be sure to use the * character for multiplication and you zoom in on a point by dragging your cursor to form a rectangle around the point.
Download Winplot Software: (click for instructions)
Winplot is a small but useful plotting program that can be downloaded and used on any Windows PC. It is available on the desktop in the PC lab in addition to Derive. Give it a try!

Mac users with OS Version 7.5 or later already have a plotting program on their Apple menu. Check it out.

Other Free Software:

Just for fun ... read about an important math/computer problem:
The famous problem "P versus NP" problem is decades old and there is a million dollar prize to solve it. Now a mathematician in England has shown that the problem is equivalent to solving a larger version of the well know Minesweeper game that is included with the Windows operating system. Read the news story, or just play the game.

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