Derive videos

Created by Karl Heinz Dovermann with the assistance of Dale Myers.
Initial installation

Before you can view the videos below, go to this: Getting Started  to install the video software.

Viewing the videos

Click a chapter video. If Windows asks if you wish to view the video in a media bar, select "No".

If you see a small video box in a left-hand media bar, click the "Media Options" / "Settings" menu and uncheck "Play web media in the bar".

If you don't see "Media Options", click the black down arrow (bottom of the media bar) by the video title.

To get a separate video window from the media bar, click the icon with a diagonal arrow in a box. Then close the media bar by clicking the "x" at the top right of the bar.
Once you have a separate video window, drag the lower right corner to give a full screen window. You can also get full screen (<Ctrl-1>) or full screen (<Alt-End> by going to the "View" menu. It might help to go to "Skin Chooser" and select "Classic".