Colloquium: Prasit Bhattacharya (U. Virginia)

December 20, 2019 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Keller 301

Speaker: Prasit Bhattacharya (U. Virginia)

Title: Stable homotopy groups of spheres, finite CW-complexes and periodic self-maps

Abstract: Patterns in the stable homotopy groups of spheres are hard to detect. However chromatic homotopy theory gives a theoretical framework which justifies existence of a robust pattern. In theory, elements of stable homotopy groups are arranged in layers called the chromatic layers (one for each natural number). However, not much is known beyond chromatic layer 1. One way to detect elements in the stable homotopy groups is via finite CW-complexes which admit special self-maps, called v_n-self-maps. This talk will introduce a new class of CW-complexes which has the potential to detect elements in chromatic layer 2 of the stable homotopy group localized at the prime 2.