Logic seminar: Achilles Beros

March 24, 2017 @ 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Keller Hall 404

The Logic Seminar will meet again this Friday, usual place: Keller Hall 404. The speaker will be Achilles Beros.

Title: Teachers, Learners and Oracles

Abstract: When identifying r.e. sets from enumeration, a teacher is a
computational aide that pre-processes the data and only passes the
“useful” examples to the learner. Access to a teacher does not affect
the learnability of a family of r.e. sets, but it can affect the speed
with which learning is accomplished. Another computational aide is the
membership oracle. We consider four different forms of polynomial
bounds on learning and compare the performance of learners equipped with
teachers and learners equipped with oracles. We find that in most cases
neither strategy is uniformly superior. In this talk I will survey the
results and show a proof that utilizes a strategy analogous to integrity
checks in TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). The paper presented is
joint work with Colin de la Higuera.