Undergraduate Colloquium – Gideon Zamba (U. Iowa)

January 28, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Bilger 335

Speaker: Gideon Zamba (U. Iowa)

Title: Data-Driven Sciences: Another Way to Bring Math to the World and the World to Math

Abstract: Applied mathematics is a field of constant adaptability to the world’s contingencies. Such adaptability requires a solid training and understanding of theoretical and pure mathematical thinking—as the activity of applied thinking is vitally connected with research in pure mathematics. One such applied mathematical field is the field of statistics. As the world continues to rely more on data for decision making, statistics and associated data-driven fields have gained increased recognition. The purpose of this talk is to educate the audience about the field of statistics, about statistical involvements, and further provide examples of settings where statistical theory finds an application and where real world application calls for a new statistical development. The presentation further elaborates on Biostatistics and provides some general advice about mathematical and computational skills needed for a successful graduate degree in Biostatistics or Statistics.

The presentation is semi-technical.