People » Geometry and topology

Name Title Interests
Allday, Christopher Professor Emeritus Algebraic topology
Chyba, Monique Professor
Associate Chair
Control theory, differential geometry
DellAiera, Clement Temporary Assistant Professor Analysis, geometry and topology
Dovermann, Karl Heinz Professor Algebraic topology
Guentner, Erik Professor Operator theory, noncommutative geometry
Hadari, Asaf Assistant Professor Geometric group theory
Hilden, Hugh Michael Professor, retired Geometric topology
Little, Robert D. Professor Emeritus Algebraic topology
Sale, Andrew Assistant Professor Geometric group theory
Wilkens, George R. Professor Control theory, differential geometry
Willett, Rufus Associate Professor Noncommutative geometry
Wilson, Leslie C. Professor Emeritus singularity theory, differential topology, real algebraic geometry, mathematical biology

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