Prof Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen PI of NSF Grant

The NSF-sponsored project "Computability and Probability" (Fall 2009 – Spring 2012) includes funding for graduate and undergraduate researchers. Undergraduate researchers are paid for about 10 hours of independent work per week during Fall or Spring semesters. Graduate students may work as research assistants (equivalent to a TA-ship but without teaching) for a semester.

To qualify to apply for positions on this project, a good preparation would include some of the following courses (or their equivalents): Math 471 (Probability), Math 472 (Statistical inference), Math 454 (Axiomatic set theory) and Math 455 (Mathematical logic). Math 454-455 is offered as a sequence in Spring 2010 and Fall 2010, so interested students are encouraged to enroll in Math 454 for Spring 2010. See flyer on M454 for Spring 2010. More.