Fortran for Windows 7 and earlier
MinGW, G95, SciTE Setup instructions for Windows users

After installation, right-click the last two properties files below, select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" and save to the C:MinGW\bin folder.
fortran properties file file file

For Linux Use g95 binaries (linux, ...) Choose the "stable" version.

Online Fortran Windows, Macs, Linux, smartphones.
    Go to
Key-board inputs are entered in the STDIN input at the bottom before running the program. Since it does only one read, it is not good for interactive programs which ask for successive inputs. The "Download Files" button gives a tar file which has to be extracted to get an exe file.
    Instructions for adding text files for programs which read from a file.
In the left-hand pane after "New Project", click "+".
You'll get "Newfile.f95"
Right-click on "Newfile.f95" and rename as desired, say to "mat34.txt"
Click "+" if you want to make the second text file, say "mat43.txt".
    An alternative online Fortran compiler is which is similar.

Undergraduate Lounge Keller 318. Both computers have Fortran installed. Use the same login/password you use in PSB 208. Open 8:00am - 4:30pm.
This computer lab PSB 208. If there is space available, you may use any computer in the back row (same login/password you use in class) in times marked "140" on the computer lab schedule. Open 8:00am - 4:30pm.

Fortran for Macs     How to install g95 on a Mac by Neill Warrington.
Another compiler, gfortran, is available for Macs and Linux: gfortran binaries

Fortran for Windows 8 and later Windows users who are unable to install the g95 compiler can alternatively use gfortran or the free (there is a 5-second nag screen) version of the FRN95 compiler.

        FTN95 Fortran
Click "FTN95 Personal Edition", then "DOWNLOADING ... here". Run the downloaded file "ftn95_personal.exe". Once intstalled, copy some Fortran program, say x.f95 to the directory, "Program Files\Silverfrost\FTN95", cd to that directory in a command window and enter
    ftn95 x.f95 /link
If this works, then open the "" in \MinGW\bin after the lines
    "if PLAT_WIN" and "if PLAT_GTK"
    g95=g95 $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName).exe
    g95=ftn95 $(FileNameExt) /link

This is another compiler which can work with Windows 8 (Macs too) This may be installed automatically with the "MinGW" installation descibed in the link Setup instructions for Windows users In this case, open the "" in \MinGW\bin and after the lines
    "if PLAT_WIN" and "if PLAT_GTK"
    g95=g95 $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName).exe
    g95=gfortran $(FileNameExt) /link

Rentals If you can't install a Fortran compiler on your computer and get a "C" or better on the midterm, you can rent an old Windows laptop from me for $20/semester with a $100 deposit.

Here is an old hard-to-use Fortran 90 compiler which should work with Windows 8: SimplyFortran.

Fortran Programming
        if-then, do
        arithmetic, read, print
        characters and formats
        functions and subroutines
        array allocation
        file input and output
        instrinsic functions for fortran
        Fortran 95 summary
        Fortran 90
        Fortran in mobile format
        Fortran 95 manual