Placement Exam Room: Physical Science 208 .
Take this exam to place into Math 140, 203, 215, 241, 251A*; Physics 151; ICS 141. *Request an interview with the Associate Chair to apply for MATH 251A.
Bring a pencil, photo ID and your student ID number. Your student ID number, is on MyUH under "My Account".
Students with reservations are seated first.
Walk-in students without reservations must print their name and student ID on a sign-in form.
No reservations are currently available. Reservations open two weeks before exams begin.

There are five groups of available assessment exams. All are held in PSB 208.
Reservations start two and a half weeks prior to the first exam of each group.
Here is the expected schedule of assessment exams (actual times depend on the class schedule for PSB 208).

1. Spring.
    Tuesday (3 exams), week before spring semester starts;
    Monday (1 exam), Thursday (1 exam) in the first week of the spring semester.
2. Early fall registration.
    Monday (2 exams) before early fall registration;
    Wednesday (2 exams) in the middle of early fall registration.
3. 10-week summer session.
    Friday (1 exam), Monday (1 exam), Tuesday (1 exam) when the summer session begins.
4. Fall.
    Tuesday (4 exams), Thursday (4 exams) two weeks before the fall semester;
    Monday (3 exams), Tuesday (2 exams), Thursday (2 exams) one week before fall semester.
    Monday (1 exam), Thursday (1 exam) in the first week of the fall semester.
5. Early spring registration.
    Monday (1 exam), Tuesday (1 exam) before early spring registration.
    Monday (2 exams), Friday (1 exam) during early spring registration.