"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Erik Holmes

Graduate Assistant
University of Hawaii

Email: eholmes "at" math.hawaii.edu
Office: Keller 403 D

A bit about me...

I am a graduate student at the University of Hawaii studying algebraic number theory and arithmetic statistics under the supervision of Rob Harron. My current research focuses on the study of shapes and asymptotics of number fields, on shapes of unit groups. I am also interested in the connection between this study and asymptotics of number field.
(I plan to graduate in the spring and am currently applying for postdoc positions.)

Aside from math I enjoy many things... coffee (of course :)), cooking, eating, traveling, stories, and in many outdoor activities: rock climbing, snow sports, surfing, rafting, hiking, and camping to name a few. I also dabble in rudimentary programming from time to time (this site was a bit of web design rabbit hole!) and particularly enjoy computational number theory!
I am also very fond of arts and crafts and have spent a bit of my free time taking photos, editing videos, and working with wood/leather and clay: you can see some of my crafting attempts here.


Last academic year I was a teaching assistant for undergraduate real analysis, and an instructor of Math 216: Calc II for life sciences . This fall I am teaching a section of Math 134: Precalculus: Elementary Functions.
(see teaching page for more information about past courses/departmental syllabi)

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