Dept. of Math., Univ. of Hawaii

Workshop on Applied Mathematics and Related Topics

A workshop in conjunction

with the ISITA 2012 Meeting in Honolulu

Friday, October 26, 2012, University of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu

Organized by James B. Nation (UH, USA) and Manabu Hagiwara (AIST, Japan)

Speakers (Organization):
  • Reynald Affeldt, AIST, Japan
  • L. Neil Frazer, University of Hawaii
  • J.B. Nation, University of Hawaii
  • Hiroki Nishikawa, Tokyo University of Science
  • Naoyoshi Okamae, Osaka University
  • Gautier Picot, University of Hawaii
  • N.P. Santhanam, University of Hawaii
  • Toru Shigehiro, Tokyo University of Science
  • Aaron Tamura-Sato, University of Hawaii
  • Catherine Walker, Leeward Community College
  • Rie Shigetomi Yamaguchi, RISEC AIST, Japan

This Workshop on Applied Mathematics and Related Topics will be held in the Tagore Room of Jefferson Hall at the East-West Center, adjacent to the University of Hawaii on Friday, October 26, 2012 in conjunction with the ISITA 2012 Meeting in Honolulu (October 28-31). The purpose of the workshop would be to explore areas of common interest to Hawaiian and Japanese researchers, with an emphasis on topics that might not be covered at the ISITA meeting. Our format will be a series of 30 minute talks in the morning and early afternoon, leaving adequate time for discussion. The workshop will be much smaller and more intimate than the ISITA meeting, but we hope useful and interesting in its own way.
For more information, contact one of the organizers.
Organizer: James B. Nation (UH, USA) and Manabu Hagiwara (AIST, Japan)

Speakers and abstracts

Schedule of Talks

  • 8:45 Welcome by Dean William Ditto, College of Natural Sciences, UHM
  • 9:00 Reynald Affeldt, Formal verification of Shannon's theorems
  • 9:30 Toru Shigehiro, Error correction using slide decoding
  • 10:00 Gautier Picot, Time-optimal transfers
  • 10:30 Aaron Tamura-Sato, Mathematical approach to neurulation
  • 11:00 Rie Shigetomi Yamaguchi, A secure transaction protocol
  • 11:30 Hiroki Nishikawa, A watermarking scheme using winding number
  • 12:00-1:30 Lunch
  • 1:30 J.B. Nation, A metapopulation model
  • 2:00 Neil Frazer, Sea-cage fish farming and declines of wild fish
  • 2:30 Naoyoshi Okamae, A floating code with coset coding
  • 3:00 Catherine Walker, The snowflake decoding algorithm
  • 3:30 N.P. Santhanam, Agnostic insurance tasks

Note: Bus routes from Waikiki to the University have changed, and your old algorithm may no longer work. From most parts of Waikiki, the best option is to catch the #13 bus on the ocean side of Kuhio Avenue. This will go up Kapahulu Avenue, to Dole Street. You should get off at Dole Street and East-West Road, in front of the Engineering School, and walk up East-West Road to Jefferson Hall. The #13 bus returning to Waikiki can be boarded on the ocean side of Dole Street, and goes back down Kapahulu and Kuhio Avenues. From the Ala Moana end of Waikiki, you can still catch the #4 bus, or the #6 bus, or the #A City Express on Kapiolani Boulevard. For map and timetables, see . For the ISITA meeting, the #2 bus runs in both directions on Kuhio Avenue to the Convention Center.
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