Math 100, Survey of Mathematics

Instructor: Pavel Guerzhoy

The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:30 pm - 2:45 pm at Bilger Hall 152.

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Office hours: 12-1pm Tuesdays at Keller Hall 403 and Thursdays at Keller Hall 402

General Information
Selected topics designed to acquaint nonspecialists with examples of mathematical reasoning. May not be taken for credit after 215 or higher.
Gen. Ed. Focus: FS -- Foundations of Symbolic Reasoning
In this class we use the book
  • Bennett, Briggs Using and Understanding Mathematics. A quantitative reasoning approach., 6th edition, Pearson
    The book is absolutely unavoidable, and cannot be replaced with another textbook!

    Specifically, you will need access code in order to register with Pearson and do you online homework assignments which are a substantial part of the grading scheme in this class.
    As soon as you get the access code, you may use either paper or electronic version of the textbook.

    Grading Policy
    The course contains a combination of concepts, ideas and techniques which the students must be able to apply in solving specific problems.

    At the end of the day, your grade will reflect your ability to solve specific problems. The following rules are to be taken.

  • Final exam will count for 15% of the final grade. The exam is cummulative (i.e. it may include questions related to ALL material covered during the semester). The format of the exam will be quite similar to that of the midterms.
    The date and time of the final exam will be announced later.
  • Thirteen homework assignments count together for 40% of the final grade.
  • Three midterm tests count together for 45% of the final grade (15% every one).


    Date Class material Alternative Lecture Homework Available Homework Due
    Tue, 12 Jan Intro hw_0
    Jan 14 Section 3A Section 3A hw_3A
    Tue, 19 Jan Section 3A, exercises
    Thu, 21 Jan Section 3B Section 3B hw_3B hw_0, hw_3A
    Tue, 26 Jan Section 3B, exercises
    Thu, 28 Jan Section 3C Section 3C hw_3C hw_3B
    Tue, 2 Feb Section 3C, exercises
    Thu, 4 Feb Section 3E Section 3E hw_3E hw_3C
    Tue, 9 Feb Section 3E, exercises
    Thu, 11 Feb review for midterm #1 hw_3E
    Tue, 16 Feb midterm #1
    Thu, 18 Feb Section 4B Section 4B hw_4B
    Tue, 23 Feb Section 4B, exercises
    Thu, 25 Feb Section 4C Section 4C hw_4C_1 hw_4B
    Tue, 1 Mar Section 4C, exercises
    Thu, 3 Mar Section 4C, continuation Section 4C hw_4C_2 hw_4C_1
    Tue, 8 Mar Section 4C, continuation, exercises
    Thu, 10 Mar Section 4D with exercises Section 4D hw_4_D hw_4_C_2
    Tue, 15 Mar review for midterm #2
    Thu, 17 Mar midterm #2
    Tue, 29 Mar Section 8A Section 8A hw_8A hw_4D
    Thu, 31 Mar Section 8A, exercises
    Tue 5 Apr Section 8B Section 8B hw_8B hw_8A
    Thu, 7 Apr Section 8B, exercises
    Tue, 12 Apr review for midterm #3 hw_8B
    Thu, 14 Apr midterm #3
    Tue, 19 Apr Sections 9A and 9B Section 9A hw_9AB
    Thu, 21 Apr Sections 9A and 9B, exercises Section 9B
    Tue, 26 Apr Section 9C Section 9C hw_9C hw_9AB
    Thu, 28 Apr Section 9C, exercises
    Tue, 3 May review for final exam hw_9C