Hanf Competition - Rules

The following rules may be changed or clarified from time to time:

  1. Any undergraduate student currently enrolled in classes at UH is eligible to compete.
  2. Write a complete solution, with all details, of any one of the problems listed below.

  3. A problem will remain on the list until such time that it is solved by a student.
  4. Submit your solution(s) to Professor Pavel Guerzhoy by email at


    For the subject line of your email use "Hanf competition" and send your email via your UH email address. You may write your solution within the body of your email or within an attachment in the form of a readable pdf file or an image of your work in jpg format (e.g., scanned or digitally photographed).

  5. The solutions will be judged by a committee of professors according to a combination of criteria: accuracy, attention to detail, chronological order of submission, and neatness, but not necessarily in that order.