Math 480(O), Senior Seminar

Instructor: Pavel Guerzhoy

The class meets on Thursdays, 3 - 50pm in Zoom meeting room , Meeting ID: 347 745 6800.
I will send the passcode via email to all students in the class

Office: 501, Keller Hall (5-th floor) This semester, you will seldomly find me in office.

e-mail: pavel(at)math(dot)hawaii(dot)edu (usually, I respond to e-mail messages within a day)
Office hours: The simplest way is to stay connected after the class meeting; alternatively, just email me to make a special appointment.

Assessment Exam Part 3

Assessment Exam Part 2

Assessment Exam Part 1

Course Objective
This is a class directed to Math majors who are close to their graduation. The primary goal of the class is to develop the students mathematics presentation skills.
This is a mathematics class which is designated to have an oral focus.
In the time of a pandemic, the class is online, and the students will have to learn doing their presentations in zoom.

Ways of doing presentations in zoom
For a mathematics presentation, you will need "slides" (formulas, pictures, etc cannot be described in words). You will have to use screen share option in zoom.

Grading Policy
Math 480 is offered as a CR/NC class. Students cannot pass the class without completing the following to the satisfaction of the instructor:

In this class, we use the book
Thirty-three Miniatures Mathematical and Algorithmic Applications of Linear Algebra
by Jiří Matoušek
Student Mathematical Library, Volume 53, published by American Mathematical Society,

In this class, we focus on presentations .

A typical class consists of a presentation (given either by a student or by the instructor) and a discussion. Each student is required to participate in the discussion. As the students may be not comfortable to discuss their peers presentations and performance, we will primarily discuss math presentations from the youtube videos.

The discussions are concentrated around the idea: every presentation is listener oriented, and every listener should get some take-aways.

The questions to address during a discussion:
The following timetable is only approximate, and is updated continuously. It will contains links to youtube videos to watch, assessment exams, and, possibly other information important and relevant to the class.

Date Presentation Link to a video to watch / other discussion Remarks/Comments
Jan 14 generalities & intro
Jan 21 on math major example of a presentation
Jan 28 on math major example of a presentation
Feb 4 on math major example of a presentation
Feb 11 subfield of math example of a presentation
Feb 18 subfield of math
Feb 25 subfield of math
Mar 4 student's presentation a mathematical fable
Mar 11 student's presentation ellipces and Dandelin spheres
Mar 25 student's presentation two squares theorem
Apr 1 student's presentation the useless number
Apr 8 student's presentation fundamental theorem of algebra odd polynomials you may benefit by eatching that before: it exploits the same idea in a simpler setting
Apr 15 student's presentation euler's formula
Apr 22 student's presentation visualizing quaternions
Apr 29 student's presentation Riemann hypothesis