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Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory

A Special Session

of the AMS sectional meeting

303 Keller Hall

Saturday March 3 Program

Time Speaker Title Abstract Slides
8:00 George McNulty The computational complexity of deciding
whether a finite algebra generates a minimal variety
abstract talk
9:00 Ross Willard Meditation on Isaev's algebra abstract talk
9:30 Joel Adler The model companion of the class of pseudocomplemented
semilattices is finitely axiomatizable.
abstract talk
10:00 Walter Taylor Approximate satisfaction of equations
on metric spaces
abstract talk
3:15 Ralph McKenzie Large pseudo-varieties of finite
algebras defined by Maltsev conditions
4:15 Benoit Larose Near-unanimity, arc consistency and graph CSPs. abstract talk
4:45 Joel Berman Characterizations of maximal-sized
$n$-generated algebras.
abstract talk
5:15 Alexander Wires Definability in the substructure
ordering of simple graphs
abstract talk
5:45 Fred Linton On iterated tensor products in varieties abstract  

Sunday March 4 Program

Time Speaker Title Abstract Slides
8:00 Brian Davey Counting the relations compatible with an algebra abstract talk
9:00 Jennifer Hyndman Quasi-equations of unary algebras abstract talk
9:30 David Clark Evolution of algebraic terms:
Term to term operation continuity
abstract talk
10:00 Matt Valeriote Some new characterizations of
some old Maltsev conditions
abstract talk
10:30 William DeMeo Expansions of finite algebras
and their congruence lattices
abstract talk
3:15 Keith Kearnes Posets with small principal ideals and
large principal filters.
abstract talk
3:45 Agnes Szendrei Separating Clones Near the
Top of the Clone Lattice
abstract talk
4:45 Peter Jipsen A category of contexts dual to complete
semilattices with applications to (algebraic) lattices
abstract talk
5:15 Simone Bova Type classification of unification problems over
distributive lattices and varieties
of De Morgan algebras
abstract talk
5:45 Ralph Freese Congruence semidistributivity
and n-permutability
abstract talk