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Math 611-612


Lecture: Tuesday, Thursday 1:30-2:45, in Keller 403
Instructor: Ralph Freese
      Office: 305 Keller
      email:email me
      Office hours: T-Th 2:45-3:15, F 1-2 and by appointment
                               (or just come to my office and see if I'm in)

  • The final!

  • Kaplansky's Fields and Rings.

  • Galois Groups: Small Galois Groups.

  • \({\rm \TeX}\) (and \({\rm \LaTeX}\)): is a software system for typing mathematics. You will be required to use it for all of your writing in this class.
  • Research: The UH library has a guide for math graduate students on

  • Book: We will be using N. Jacobson, Basic Algebra I, and Dummit and Foote, Abstract Algebra. The Jacobson book is now in paperback and very inexpensive; Dummit and Foote can also be bought fairly cheaply and there may be electronic versions. We will also use Hungerford for some of the proofs.

  • Class Notes. Written with help from William DeMeo. The tex file.

  • Errata for Dummit and Foote

  • Other Good Books:
    • Hungerford, Algebra
    • Isaacs, Algebra
    • Herstein, Toppics in Algebra (really an undergrad book, but quite good)
    • Kaplansky, Fields and Rings. See pages 50-54 for calculating the Galois group of cubics and quartics.
    • Galois GroupsSmall Galois Groups. See pages 50-54 for calculating the Galois group of cubics and quartics.

  • Homework: Download the first two files and change "Billy Bob" to your name.
  • William DeMeo's Universal Algebra Notes: UA Notes

  • Professor Lampe's Group Actions Notes: Group Actions

  • Burnside Problem: History of the Burnside Problem

  • Keith Conrad's Expository Notes on Various Parts of Algebra