Commutator Theory for
Congruence Modular Varieties

Second Edition


Ralph Freese and Ralph McKenzie

This is the revised edition of our commutator book. It was set into TeX through the efforts of Petar Markovic and the authors. The goals of this edition are

  • Correct errors (dah)
  • Keep the theorem numbering as it was in the first edition. So Lemma 5.2 will be the same in both editions. This means that any additional theorems will either be at the end of the chapters, or be in a new chapter, or have a special number like 5.2A.
  • Add updated material, possibly adding some new chapters.
The manuscript, which has not yet been proofread and so should be considered a dynamic document, is available in pdf and dvi formats. Both are hypertexted. Please let us know if you find any errors or misprints.