Inputting Your Own Lattice

Give an URL

You need to make a lattice file (as described below) and put it in a place where it can be accessed as an URL. If you have a homepage you could put this lattice file in the same (or a subdirectory of the) directory that has your homepage. If you homepage has the URL

and your lattice file, say, is in the same directory as your homepage, then fill in the text field on the applet with

If you don't have a homepage your system administrator should be able to tell you what directory to put the file in.

Lattice File Format

Here is the lattice N5     

Here is the lattice file for it:

 (0 (b c))
 (b (1))
 (c (a))
 (a (1))
 (1 ())
Note this is a list and each element is also a list which gives the element and a list of its upper covers.



 (0 ((b 1) (c 2)))
 (b ((1 3)))
 (c ((a 4)))
 (a ((1 5)))
 (1 ())
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Ralph Freese