How to post grades on the web using a spreadsheet

Since pae no longer exits, you need to go to to get your classlist. They have promised they would have a way to download your classlist in csv form but as of now (8/22/03) they don't have this option so you need to follow the directions below.


  1. Go to and login in. Choose Faculty Services and then term and then choose the course with the CRN link. Then click the Summary Class List link. This will be a table with the students ID's and names (and other stuff we don't need).

  2. Open your spreadsheet program. Fill in the first column with the ID's, the second column with the student's last name, and the third column with the student's first name and initial. Cut and paste worked for both Excel on a PC and OpenOffice on a unix box. It's ok to have the whole name in the second column as long as you leave the third column blank since the program starts looking for grades in the fourth column. (This will be easier after myuh gets its act together.)

  3. Insert 5 rows at the top and fill in the first two columns as

  4. Save the spreadsheet in spreadsheet form (like .xls or .sxc) using Save As.

  5. When entering grades the Head entry should be a short string like "HW1" or "Mid1". The first column with grades in it should be column 4. Of course the entry in the "Average" row (row 2) should be a spreadsheet formula giving the average of the students' scores in column 4.

  6. After each time you entered grades:

Setting up your Grade Lookup web page

Copy the file /www/ralph/PostingGrades/GradeLookupSample.html to some subdirectory of /www/yourusername (ususally the subdirectory for the web page of your class). Edit the file changing all references of my class to yours. Put a link to this on your homepage or the webpage of your class.

Note: even though your gradefile is in /www/yourusername/web_data (or a subdirectory of it), the entry for the location of the gradefile in your GradeLookup.html will be something like /home/yourusername/public_html/web_data/yourgradefile.csv. This refers to the same file as /www/yourusername/web_data/yourgradefile.csv. (The file system on our web server is organized different.) So when editing the sample file, just change ralph to yourusername and change 205.csv to be the name of your gradefile.

Also: Be sure the directory /www/yourusername/web_data is readable and executable by others (do the command
chmod a+xr /www/yourusername/web_data), and that the gradefile is readable by others.

You can try it out by entering 999999999 for the SS at the sample site. You'll find you did pretty well.