Ralph Freese


  • Free Lattices, with J. Jezek and J. B. Nation, ISBN 0-8218-0389-1.

  • Commutator Theory for Congruence Modular varieties, with Ralph McKenzie, ISBN 0-521-34832-3. This was published in the London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, vol. 125, by Cambridge University Press. It is out of print but there is an online version Second Edition now available. It's free!!, and since McKenzie and I hold the copyright, it can be downloaded without violating any law.

  • The Dilworth Theorems, Selected Papers of R. P. Dilworth, edited with K. Bogart and J. Kung, ISBN 0-8176-3434-7 and 3-7643-3434-7. Not only does this have Dilworth work on lattice theory, it also has backgrounds by Dilworth and commentaries by leading experts that trace the influence of Dilworth's ideas in later work. It is published by Birkauser. Ordering information in North America, and outside North America.

  • Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory, Proceedings of the Puebla Conference, 1982, edited with Octavio Garcia, ISBN 3-540-12329-6 and 0-387-12329-6. Published by Springer-Verlag. This has some semial articles by leaders in the field. Ordering information.