Robert Harron

E-mail: given name dot surname at gmail dot com
A picture of me on Mauna Kea

My Info

Hi! This fall, I'll be starting as a Quantitative Researcher at Radix Trading in Chicago. Before that, I was a math professor doing research in number theory with particular emphasis on arithmetic statistics, automorphic Galois representations, and computational aspects. I did my PhD at Princeton with Andrew Wiles and my BSc is from McGill University in their Joint Honours Mathematics and Physics program. I spent some time as a postdoc at Boston University and at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and then as math professor at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Other than work, I enjoy the usual things in life (music, reading, chillin' with my friends, long walks on the beach, and such...). I (used to) usually play quite a bit of soccer, but also enjoy football, squash, and hockey (I am Canadian, did I mention that?). De plus, je suis complètement bilingue!
Last modified: 31st of July, 2020