Here you can find a list of lectures that I have scheduled so far. Keep in mind that this schedule is very approximate and will, almost surely, change. The class days listed as (buffer) are put there to allow flexibility; class will be held on all of those days. The dates of the exams are firm.

At the end of eash section of the textbook, there is a set of exercises and a set of computer problems. The homework problems are chosen from the sections indicated in the corresponding column. If the class covers more than one section then the corresponding sections are indicated in the Homework column. If a problem has multiple parts (e.g. "a", "b", "c") but no part is indicated for this problem then you need to solve all the parts. Otherwise, solve only the parts which are given. If a computer problem is assigned, it will be preceeded by a section number and letters CP. For such a problem you also need to submit your code.

# Date Topic Book Section Homework Due Date