Calculus Concepts
Using Derive
for Windows

Ralph S. Freese and David A. Stegenga
Professors of Mathematics, University of Hawaii

2000 by Prentice-Hall
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

ISBN 0-13-085152-3

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This manual can be used either as a lab component of a regular calculus course or for a separate lab course.

It covers a wide range of topics and so it can be used at different points in the calculus sequence. Each lab explores the basic concepts of the lesson but also interesting extensions. As such the manual can be used for a course (or course supplement) with limited time but it is also suitable for course with students of a higher skill level or for a course with more time.

Here at the University of Hawaii we use it for our first year calculus classes. The first semester classes use it as a course supplement and come to the lab anywhere from 4-7 times during the semester. They generally cover the first three chapters but also do some material from Chapter 6 on numerical integration and Chapter 10 on polar and parametric curves.  The second semester classes have a one unit lab course, Math 242L, given concurrently as a co-requisite course. This course meets once a week for an hour and a half. About half the time is devoted to a explanation and classroom demonstration of the material covered in the lab and the remaining time is used for working on the assignments and answering questions. We cover 8 labs so we are able to devote two weeks to most labs. The students also need some time to come into the lab during the week to complete it their assignments. You can see what problems we assign by visiting the course website.

One of the advantages with a separate course is that the computer component is not forced on all the faculty. The lab course is taught only by those who express an interest in doing so.


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