Exciting News: Expanding Our Network of Mathematical Associations!

We’re thrilled to announce that our math club has established valuable affiliations with esteemed organizations to enhance your mathematical journey and provide you with incredible benefits. These affiliations are designed to enrich your experience and broaden your horizons in the world of mathematics.

**AMS Membership (American Mathematical Society)**:
As part of our commitment to supporting your passion for mathematics, we’re excited to offer AMS memberships. Being a member of the American Mathematical Society provides you access to a treasure trove of resources, publications, and opportunities to connect with fellow mathematicians and researchers.

**European Women in Maths**:
We are proud to collaborate with European Women in Maths, an organization dedicated to promoting gender equality and diversity in mathematics. Through this affiliation, we aim to foster an inclusive environment for all mathematicians and provide access to events, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

**EMS Membership (European Mathematical Society)**:
In partnership with the European Mathematical Society, we are delighted to offer EMS memberships with the first three years’ fees waived! This incredible opportunity allows you to become part of a global mathematical community, stay updated on the latest research, and participate in international mathematical events.

These affiliations open doors to a world of mathematical possibilities, networking, and knowledge-sharing. We encourage all our members to take advantage of these valuable partnerships to further enrich your mathematical journey.

Exciting times lie ahead as we explore the endless possibilities these affiliations bring. Stay tuned for upcoming events and opportunities related to these partnerships.

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