Math 242 (Fall 2014)

Lecture calendar

Homework list

Chapter 16 from publisher’s site

Chapter 17 from publisher’s site

Questions about the course [that are not of a personal nature] can be asked in class or in person or posted in the Forums on Laulima.
You may start a new forum or a new topic within a forum.

The plan is to cover parts of the sections of the book listed on the Calendar.

There will be two midterms of which the best one counts, and there is a homework set for each one-week period. For details see the Calendar and the Homework list above.

The two lowest homeworks are dropped. Since we are dropping the 2 lowest scores there will be no late homeworks.

The grade breakdown is:

Homework 5%
Best midterm 45%
Final 50%

Kjos-Hanssen’s office hours are currently set to MW 1:30pm-2:20pm and F 11:30am-12:20pm in Physical Science Building 306.