Title & Link Platform Price Max string length Autocomplete?
Complexity of… Lookup over HTTP FREE 23 (MySQL) No
AutoComplex Web app for the Opera browser FREE 19 YES (2-column)
AutoComplex 7.0 Android, Amazon 0.99 USD 14 (witnesses length 13*) YES
AutoComplex Python, Google App Engine FREE 8 No
Automaton Complexity 4.0 Android FREE 6 No

*Note, one cannot use length 13 directly in a Java method as it leads to

The code of constructor MainActivity() is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit.

If we instead put the data in an XML file, we get a problem with witnesses at length 14:

Too many constants, the constant pool for R.string would exceed 65536 entries.

So to get witnesses to length 14, a new approach is needed.

Version 6 provides proof hints (witnessing sequences) up to length 12.
Version 7 provides proof hints (witnessing sequences) up to length 13.

Frequently asked questions


Is there an iPhone version?

No, but there is a free web app version.

What is the definition of automaton complexity?

Please see K. Hyde’s MA thesis.

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