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Name Title Interests
Csordas, George Professor Emeritus Complex function theory
DellAiera, Clement Temporary Assistant Professor Analysis, geometry and topology
Erb, Wolfgang Temporary Assistant Professor
Constructive approximation
harmonic & numerical analysis

Guentner, Erik Professor Operator theory, noncommutative geometry
Hangelbroek, Thomas Associate Professor Approximation theory
Jovovic, Mirjana Operator theory
Post, Sarah I. M. Associate Professor Quantum theory, dynamical systems, ergodic theory
Ramsey, L. Thomas Professor Emeritus Harmonic analysis, statistics
Ross, David A. Professor Logic, analysis, nonstandard analysis
Smith, Wayne Professor Analysis, complex function theory
Willett, Rufus Associate Professor Noncommutative geometry
Younsi, Malik Assistant Professor Complex analysis

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University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa 2018