Placement Exam

The Math Department requires an exam for placement in many courses. Based on your exam results, the department will enter a BMAT score into your Banner student record. Your BMAT score
determines the classes in which you are allowed to register and stays valid for one year. The exam is given in two parts, each with a 30 minute time limit, and your combined results on each part
determine your BMAT score. Both parts of the exam must be taken in the same session, and you must pass Part 1 in order to take Part 2. You may only take the exam one time per exam window – see the Repeat Policy below for additional details. Taking our Practice Exams to prepare is strongly encouraged. The exam may be taken
on campus or remotely either through proctorU or an NCTA
approved testing center



  • Take the practice exams. Note the problems you missed.
  • Review similar problems covered in high school math classes. Part 1 has 24 questions and covers high school algebra. You have to pass Part 1 with 14 or more points to take Part 2, which has 20 questions and also covers logarithms and trigonometry.
  • Retake the practice exams as needed – a new version is
    generated with each attempt.
  • Please note: If you wish to enroll in Math 140 or Math 203, you are not required to take Part 2 and can focus your preparation on Part 1.
  • Preparation for the Placement Exam & What to do if you did not reach the desired or needed score.
  • Basic rules

    • On campus testing is in the Physical Science Building, Room 208. (Campus Map)
    • You will not be allowed to attempt the exam without your UH Student ID or an official picture ID.
    • Phones and calculators are NOT allowed.
    • Off campus testing with ProctorU requires visual verification of the above items and additional security measures. You must allow a proctor access to control your computer during portions of the session, and you must install and use their proprietary software.
    • Bring a pencil for scratch work.
    • Your score on the exam is valid for one year.

    On-campus Math Placement Exams

    If possible, taking the exam in person on campus is highly
    recommended over other options. Our proctors are knowledgeable and experienced, you won’t encounter network or computer related issues, and it’s free. Reservations are strongly recommended, but we also typically accommodate all walk-ins, based on seating

    The following dates and times are scheduled:

    • Tuesday, March 5th – 3:30pm
    • Thursday, March 14th – 3:30pm
    • Thursday, April 11th – 3:30pm and 4:30pm
    • Thursday, April 18th – 3:30pm
    • Tuesday, April 23rd – 3:30pm
    • Monday, April 29th – 3:30pm
    • Monday, June 3rd – 3:30pm and 4:30pm
    • Monday, June 10th – 3:30pm
    • Tuesday, June 11th – 3:30pm (Rescheduled to the 10th)
    • Monday, July 1st – 3:30pm and 4:30pm
    • Tuesay, July 9th – 3:30pm
    • Wednesday, July 17th – 3:30pm
    • Thursday, July 25th – 3:30pm

    Additional sessions will be added as needed according to demand.

    Request a Reservation


    New Incoming Students may pick up an UH ID from the Student Campus Center. You must know your 8-digit UH ID number.

    Passports, Driver’s License, State ID, Military ID, and other valid
    picture IDs are accepted.

    In person at a Remote Testing Center

    You may take the exam at an NCTA approved testing center. You are responsible for any fees charged by the remote testing center. The remote proctor will have full exam instructions, and you shouldn’t experience connection or other computer related issues.

    Procedure: Contact the approved testing center of your choice and arrange a time and date for the exam. Have the testing center
    contact our department at office@math.hawaii.edu at least 5 days before the scheduled exam date. They must send us your UH user name and exam time and date. We cannot accept notification from a student directly – please ensure that the testing center sends the

    Online through ProctorU

    If you have a fast/reliable computer and internet connection, you may take the exam from a laptop/desktop computer with a webcam using the ProctorU service. They require you to install their
    proprietary browser and utilities, and they may require you to
    uninstall certain programs such as screen sharing apps and virtual machines. In addition to the time needed for the test itself, allow at least 30 minutes for their proctors to verify your identity and
    inspect your testing location using your webcam/phone. There may be additional delays if any issues with your connection, computer, or OS are encountered. Please test your equipment by visiting: ProctorU – How do I test my equipment?

    The base cost is $17.50 with additional fees possible for rush
    service. To take the Math Placement Exam off campus, please see the following website: proctoru.com/hawaii. If you have questions about scheduling your ProctorU exam, please see the following link ProctorU – How do I schedule my exam?

    Scores will be entered by 12 noon HST on the third business day
    following your Exam date. This is to allow for any issues/anomalies to be reported by ProctorU or the remote testing center. If you do not see your score in STAR within or after three business days, please email us (office@math.hawaii.edu) to record your score.

    Viewing your BMAT score

    Log in to STAR GPS Registration. Follow the path: Transcripts -> Campus Transcript by Semester. Your score should be located in the top left corner.

    *EFFECTIVE beginning Spring 2018 – ICS 141 requires MATH 215 or 241 or 251A with a grade of “C” or better as its prerequisite. Therefore, you can no longer use the MATH Assessment exam to place into ICS 141.
    *EFFECTIVE beginning Fall 2019 – ATMO 150, ERTH 150, and OCN 150 require completion of MATH 134, 161 or MATH assessment exam (with score required for MATH 140).
    *EFFECTIVE beginning Fall 2020 – BIOL 220, BIOL 220L, BOT 220, and BOT 220L requires completion of MATH 134 or MATH assessment exam (with score required for MATH 140) as one of their prerequisites. Please see UH Manoa 2020-2021 Catalog for additional prerequisites.

    Part I Part II
    Less than 14  — 0 Did not pass exam. Please refer to our Repeat Policy below and Ways to Prepare for the Exam
    14  — 1 Math 140, 203; ATMO 150; ERTH 150; OCN 150; BIOL 220*, 220L*; BOT 220*, 220L*
    14 10 2 Math 140, 203, 215; Physics 151; ATMO 150; ERTH 150; OCN 150; BIOL 220*, 220L*; BOT 220*, 220L*
    14 12 3 Math 140, 203, 215, 241; Physics 151; ATMO 150; ERTH 150; OCN 150; BIOL 220*, 220L*; BOT 220*, 220L*
    14 14 4 Math 140, 203, 215, 241, 251A**; Physics 151; ATMO 150; ERTH 150; OCN 150; BIOL 220*, 220L*; BOT 220*, 220L*

    *For BIOL 220, BIOL 220L, BOT 220 & BOT 220L, please see UH Manoa 2020-2021 Catalog for additional prerequisites.

    Repeat policy

    You may take the Placement Exam once during each of these time windows:

    • March 16th through June 15th
    • June 16th through August 15th
    • August 16th through November 15th
    • November 16th through March 15th

    Note: Your BMAT score is valid for ONE year.


    You may not need to take the math placement exam if you either

    • passed the exam no more than one year ago, or
    • have appropriate transfer credits, or
    • received an acceptable score on the Calculus Advanced Placement Exam, Math SAT, ACT (see details), or
    • if you completed a prerequisite course with a grade of C or better at any UH Campus: for example, Math 134 or Math 135 at any UH campus fulfills the prerequisite for Math 140 at UH Mānoa, and Math 140 or Math 140X at any UH campus fulfills the prerequisite for Math 215 or Math 241 at UH Mānoa