Undergraduate tracks

  • General: Math 100.
  • Elementary Education: Math 111-112
  • Business, Economics, Social Sciences track: Math 203
  • Life Sciences Track: Math 215-216
  • STEM Track: Math 241-244
  • Honors/Accelerated Track: Math 251A-253A
G m111 Math 111 (No prerequisite) m112 Math 112 (FQ) m111->m112 m100 Math 100 (FQ) (No prerequisite) m135 Math 134 (No prerequisite) m140 Math 140 (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/- m135->m140 CR m203 Math 203 (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/- m135->m203 CR m161 Math 161 (FQ) (No prerequisite) m161->m140 m161->m203 m215 Math 215 (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/10 m140->m215 m241 Math 241 (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/12 m140->m241 m251A Math 251A (FQ) Ass. Exam 14/14 m140->m251A A m216 Math 216 m215->m216 m242 Math 242 m215->m242 B m241->m242 m252A Math 252A m241->m252A A m243 Math 243 m242->m243 m244 Math 244 m243->m244 m251A->m242 m251A->m252A m252A->m243 m253A Math 253A m252A->m253A
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For course titles and detailed course descriptions click on a box below, or see the Syllabi page.

  • Arrows indicate prerequisites. Prerequisites must be satisfied with a grade of C or as indicated.
  • Students may place into Math 140, 203, 215, 241, 251A by taking the Assessment Exam, see: placement or based on a sufficiently high Calculus AP or Math SAT or ACT score. For details see http://math.hawaii.edu/home/pdf/Exceptions.pdf
  • An interview with the associate chair is required to enter the honors sequence.