Graduate alumni

Employment prospects

About two-thirds of the department's graduates have found employment in academia. The majority of those in academia have stayed in Hawai‘i, working either within the University of Hawai‘i system or for other small four-year colleges in Hawai‘i. Many graduates, particularly those without a PhD, have accepted positions at community colleges. A few alumni have gone on to conduct research in mathematics at major universities. Several PhD graduates have accepted postdoctoral positions at Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard, Purdue, UCLA, and Vanderbilt, as well as Imperial College (London) and various other foreign universities. Others in academia have gone into computer science or mathematics education.

Slightly more than a third of the department's graduates have found positions in private industry. Those in the industry hold a varied collection of positions, many of which involve computers and/or financial mathematics. In particular, the department has graduates working for Symantec Corporation, Lucent Technologies, and many smaller software companies.