Major planning and advising

This page gives you sample schedules for a BA or BS in Mathematics. It is assumed that the student is calculus-ready.
Students with AP or transfer credit may not need to start at the top of the schedule.
Be sure to check out the Colleges of Arts and Sciences web site as well.
There are many choices, and students may decide on their individual emphasis. If you plan, or consider, to major in mathematics, then you should
  • Get started with the calculus sequence right away. Any delay will delay your graduation.
  • See an Arts and Science adviser to work out a plan to satisfy core and college requirements.
  • Read the current Degree Requirements
  • Declare your major early (typically after completing Calculus III). At that time a department adviser will work out an individual study plan with you.
  • Math majors are required to see an adviser once a year. First fill out and submit the advising form Then see an advisor, Prof. Jovovich (Keller 419 Director of Undergraduate Education), Prof. Chyba (Keller 419 Assoc. Chair), Prof. Myers (PSB 318 MWF 9:30-12:00,2:30-3:30, R 11:30-3:30) or attend a mass-advising pizza party.

Sample pathways for a BS major

Sample pathways for a BA major